In 2002, our family of ten (2 parents and 8 children, several of whom were already adults) moved to Guangzhou, China. What began as strange and uncomfortable has become HOME, though we realize that our lives still seem curious to many Americans.

The purpose of this blog is to give the females in our family a venue for sharing about our glorious Savior, our beloved China and her orphaned children, and day-to- day details of our lives here that we hope will educate, entertain, enlighten, appall, amaze, and call you to action!

Let us introduce ourselves! Regular bloggers at Pearl River Diaries will be Pat, her adult daughters Joy and Faith, and her not so adult daughters, Grace and Hope.

Pat is a passionate follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, having found Him faithful over the past 40 years. Married to Stacy for 35 years, she has been a home schooling mom to multitudes for 24 years and counting. Never far from a glass of unsweetened, caffeinated black iced tea or her tweezers, Pat’s life work is serving her husband and children, but her ministry involvement also includes hospitality, counseling, teaching, and disciple-making.  When time allows, she likes to hunker down with a good book, take walks, listen to sermons online, and people watch.

Joy is serving Jesus Christ through this amazing adventure called life. In His presence is fullness of Joy, and in His right hand are pleasures forever. Orphan advocate/social worker by day, Bible teacher by night, she finds that her faith, a sense of humor, a cup of coffee and a bar of chocolate are essential tools for life in China (or just about anywhere else). In her spare time, you might find her trying out new recipes in the kitchen, reading, crocheting, taking pictures, or spending time with family and friends.

Faith is preparing to be a professional homemaker by learning how to wholeheartedly care for a home and for the children who cross her path. Since many of those children have no family, she delights in seeing their sadness turn into smiles in her arms. She also teaches a Bible lesson, spends hours a day practicing her piano, and is training to teach a Bright Lights group of young teenage girls, encouraging them in their Christian walks. Quiet but quirky, Faith’s interests include: God’s Word, music (yes, she admits to loving opera and can sing much of Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables from memory), writing, reading the occasional novel, and playing with kiddies. In all these things her goal is to please her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Grace and Hope are happy hearted, totally enjoyable tweenagers who complete their home school studies in tandem. Though a year apart in age, they love living life together, so it’s a pleasure to them as well as a help to their mom to study at the same grade level. (Next year that will be seventh.) They are budding cooks who run a small business selling home made muffins to friends and neighbors, as well as experienced entertainers and baby sitters to their nieces and nephews! Third culture kids who have grown up in China, they always wonder what to say when they return to America and folks ask them how it feels to be home!

What are the various pages all about?

Our home page, Pearl River Diaries, will contain regular blog entries by Joy, Faith, and Pat, telling details of our daily lives.

Homes for the Lonely is set up to advocate for the orphaned children with whom Joy and Faith volunteer.

Our Daily Rice will feature things related to food or cooking- from unusual things we see here to our own kitchen successes and failures.

Dim Sum is a Cantonese phrase meaning “little things” and will contain Grace and Hope’s contributions to the blog.