Long Overdue Update

Things on the blog have been a bit quiet lately, but (and in part because) the work is going full-blast! God has been doing some pretty amazing things for our sweet kiddos that I can’t wait to share with you so you can join me in delighting in His goodness.

Xiao Mei (Little Plum Blossom) has captured the hearts of many, and I think I’ve received more inquiries about her than any other child.

How could anyone not fall in love with that smile?

Indeed, two families in particular were drawn by those shining eyes and cheeky grin. God gave Xiao Mei an incredible weekend in August in which she both went into foster care with friends of mine in Dong Guan and was chosen by her forever family!

Xiao Mei (now called Emily) is thriving in her new foster family, lapping up the school and Bible lessons that they are giving her and quickly acclimating to her new English-speaking environment. We’re so thankful to her foster family for helping her prepare for her new home in Washington state, where a wonderful Christian family is trying to complete the necessary paperwork as quickly as possible to bring her home. Lord willing, her new life will include five siblings, four horses, a huge yard overlooking Puget Sound, and a mommy and daddy of her very own, who will love her forever. Don’t you just love happy endings?

Luke has been in foster care since infancy, but until we put him up on the blog, no one had come forward to make him their son. I could hardly believe it when I posted his picture, and within half an hour seven families were messaging me about him! God brought one family to the forefront, and as of last month, a godly Christian family from Ohio started paper-chasing to adopt our little sunshine boy. By God’s grace, they will travel to China next year and bring him home to his seven brothers and sisters. Luke is such a people-person; I cannot imagine a situation that would make him happier than being surrounded by a large, loving family!

Though I haven’t written a post specifically devoted to A Lian on the blog, many people have been charmed by her happy face and toothy smile. However, we didn’t have to search for a family in the States for her, because God provided a family right here! When we had the Orphan Camp, we prayed that God would lead the hearts of some of the volunteers towards fostering and/or adopting some of the children. Sure enough, He sent a couple who was willing to do both!

For nearly a month now, A Lian (now called Ruthie) has been fostered by this amazing couple, who has also started doing the paperwork to make her theirs forever. She has settled into their little family like she has always been there, and they’re enjoying her so much that I’m constantly getting updates about the newest cute/funny/smart things she’s been up to (I do love those updates :)).

Miss Ruthie LeeAnn is doing the happy dance to celebrate God’s gracious provision for her life! :)

All three of these adoptions are now in process, and are not finalized yet (which is why I’m not mentioning names). Please pray that God will smooth the way before these families, provide the necessary finances, cut through the red tape, and allow them to make these precious children theirs forever. He is able!

Though there have been many exciting developments for our kids, one of the children we have posted about has not yet been claimed.

Sweet A Bai continues to wait patiently at the orphanage for a family to choose her. Her prayer has been that a family would come for her before Chinese New Year. While I don’t think that is possible, I know she would be overjoyed if she at least received news of a family pursuing her before that time.

Please continue to pray for a family for A Bai.¬†She still has a $1,000 grant available to help defray adoption costs. Share her story with your friends and loved ones. Search your heart and ask the Lord if this dear child could be your daughter. Through these long months, she has never stopped praying for a family. Let’s join her in praying that God would bring one soon!

Finally, please continue to make Jin Qiu’s adoption a matter of daily prayer.

I can’t go into details, but problems and barriers to his adoption have proliferated to the point that it would take a miracle to go through. God is a God of miracles, and I know that He can break through these barriers, if He so chooses. Please pray for wisdom in how and when to approach the various governments involved, and that their hearts would be sympathetic to Jin Qiu’s situation.

Jin Qiu is such a darling boy…my heart just longs for him to be with the godly family who is trying so hard to adopt him. Please join me in praying that God will do mighty things on his behalf!

I hope all of you realize how much God is using you in this advocacy process for these little treasures. Every time you pray, share, or (in some of your cases) come forward to adopt or donate towards their adoptions, God is using you to impact these children’s futures. Please, keep up the great work! I’m so thankful for all of your help and encouragement as you have come alongside us in being the hands and feet of Christ to “the least of these.” By the grace of our sovereign Lord, we are not laboring in vain!