Bennett- Our Little Miracle Man

Meet Bennett!

Have you ever seen anyone so sweet?

Bennett is an easy going 12 month old boy with Down Syndrome.   He has a ready smile which causes anyone near him to become instantly smitten.

He loves being around people and enjoys “participating” in conversations.

Bennett is extremely expressive and has an even-keeled demeanor. He is currently being fostered by a Christian American woman.

When we met Bennett, he was a very sick little boy. Praise the Lord, when he was 11 months old, he had surgery to repair 3 congenital heart defects (ASV, VDA, and PDA) that were causing pulmonary hypertension.

Since his surgery, his growth, energy and eating habits have been incredible.  We see how the timing of Bennett’s surgery was in God’s perfect plan.  The testimony of Ben’s life will forever bring Glory to his Faithful Father.

Bennett’s heart is strong and he does not have any residual lung issues from the pulmonary hypertension. He has no thyroid problems, or other health concerns.




As you can see, this little boy is so incredibly fun and playful.  He loves being outdoors and exploring new sights, textures and sounds.

God has used Bennett’s life to show others His love and faithfulness.  I believe the right family will see Bennett’s face, and say, “Here’s the child we’ve waited for”.

Is it you?  This little treasure will bless your socks off!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.