Xiao Man’s Bio Video

Spunky, delightful, energetic, dramatic, joyful, cuddly, sweet…there are so many words that can be used to describe Xiao Man. When she came to the orphanage a couple of years ago, it was heartbreaking to see her grieve the loss of her family and the world she had known. However, this resilient little girl has adjusted beautifully, and recovered her happy spirit.

Stylin in the hood

This sweetheart LOVES to perform! Whether she’s delivering an impromptu “speech,” dancing to the music, or singing karaoke before her adoring fans, she is rarely happier than when she has a platform and an audience. She also enjoys being “big sister” to the smaller children, and they love and trust her.┬áDespite her extroverted personality, she also loves curling up in a lap and snuggling in for a nice nap.

Sweetly Sleeping

Please watch her video and get to know this delightful little girl. Her extra 21st chromosome must contain a special dose of personality and fun, because she is over the top wonderful. Won’t you pray for a family for this sweetheart, and consider whether that family might be yours? Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have. :)