Zhu Zhu’s Bio Video


During my nearly 9 years at the orphanage, very few of the original children remain (thankfully). Though children have come and gone, Zhu Zhu (Pearl) has been a constant. We’ve watched her grow from an extremely sick baby, to a physically strong and healthy 9 year old. Though she has never known the love of a family, Zhu Zhu is eager to seek out affection from the volunteers who visit. Strong and active, she’s not much for sitting and snuggling, but would rather hold hands and go for walks, or take as many piggy back rides as others will indulge her in. She also loves water, and is eager for bath time, or the rare opportunity to enjoy a swim.



Please watch Zhu Zhu’s bio video, and delight in the uniqueness of this precious girl God has created. Pray that He’ll send a loving family to make her their daughter, and consider whether that family might be yours. If you have more questions about Zhu Zhu, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

God has a plan for Zhu Zhu’s life. Will you be a part of her story?

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