Xiao Ming’s Bio Video

Smiles have a way of transforming faces, of brightening the dreariest days and filling them with sunshine. Xiao Ming has the kind of grinĀ that shines so happily that we’ll do almost any silly thing just to see it spread across his face.

image IMG_0251

His delighted giggle, brought on by having raspberries blown beneath his ear, or being swung upside down, matches his sweet smile. How wonderful it would be to see that smile bloom in the loving care of a family!


Please watch Xiao Ming’s video, and get to know this special child. Pray for him. Feel free to fall in love with his grin, as we have! :) If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’d be glad to answer them. Wouldn’t you love to see this beamingĀ face around your dinner table?

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