Xiao Wen’s Bio Video

We’re not supposed to have favorites at the orphanage, but my sister, Hope, definitely has had a special relationship with Xiao Wen since he first came. It’s so sweet to see the two of them together– her tenderly caring for him, and him smiling and snuggling responsively.


Actually, very few of us think of him as “Xiao Wen,” because we nicknamed him “Yoda” almost as soon as we saw him. It’s impossible not to imagine a baby Yoda when we see his adorable ears and beaming smile.

Content Joyful


Watch Xiao Wen’s video, and fall in love with his happy, responsive personality, as we have. The force of love is strong in this one. Needs a family he does! :) Perhaps it’s yours? Please pray that God would provide someone to love Xiao Wen forever. He’s so deserving of a family of his very own! Please contact me if you have any questions about this precious boy.

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