Xiao Wen’s Bio Video

We’re not supposed to have favorites at the orphanage, but my sister, Hope, definitely has had a special relationship with Xiao Wen since he first came. It’s so sweet to see the two of them together– her tenderly caring for him, and him smiling and snuggling responsively.


Actually, very few of us think of him as “Xiao Wen,” because we nicknamed him “Yoda” almost as soon as we saw him. It’s impossible not to imagine a baby Yoda when we see his adorable ears and beaming smile.

Content Joyful


Watch Xiao Wen’s video, and fall in love with his happy, responsive personality, as we have. The force of love is strong in this one. Needs a family he does! :) Perhaps it’s yours? Please pray that God would provide someone to love Xiao Wen forever. He’s so deserving of a family of his very own! Please contact me if you have any questions about this precious boy.

Reach out and Touch Someone

Touch is something we often take for granted. Hug a friend in greeting. Hold hands as we pray. Rock a little one to sleep. Lean against each other for warmth or support. As members of a family, or a friend group, we usually have as much physical affection as we want (some of us more than we want, although I’ve yet to reach that point :) ).

Cuddle Time

Orphans have the same need for touch that we do, but sadly far less access to it. Caregivers are busy keeping them fed, clean, and safe. Their hands are often too full to hold the small fingers reaching out to them. So whenever the children have the opportunity to cuddle, they take advantage of it.

Content to be Loved

I Love Jie Jie!

The closer they can snuggle, the more they can nestle against us, the better they like it.

Satisfied in her Arms

Don't let me go, okay?

Sometimes there aren’t enough laps to go around, so they make the most of the laps available.

Lap-full of Lovin'

Other times even therapy is welcomed, as long as loving arms are part of the package.

Helping HandI love therapy, if I get time with you!

Naptime is never quite as sweet as when it can be taken resting against a loved one.

Sweetly Sleeping Naptime Snuggles

And of course hugs and kisses are the very best things of all!

Hugs are the best! Kissing Tiny Toes

Thankfully, they always have their “brothers and sisters” at the orphanage to love and support them…

Friends Forever

…but we know that’s not the same as a family. As wonderful as friends are, they cannot replace the safe and loving arms of a mommy and daddy, which is what these children really want. Truly, it’s the same thing we want, which is why God promises in Deuteronomy 33:27 “The eternal God is a dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

Safe and Sound

Are we willing to do that? Are we willing to open our hearts and arms to one more child, and touch their lives forever? Can we put aside the comfortable known, in order to embrace the sweet unknown that is these little lives?

Happy to be Held

I pray that one day each of these children would know the secure love and affection that comes from having a forever family. They will give just as much love (if not more) than they receive.

First John 4:19 says, “We love because He first loved us.” Will you love one of these little ones?

The Many Faces of Xiao Wen

How we love this expressive, happy little boy! Each face seems sweeter than the last. Here’s a peek into some of our favorites:













Don’t you  just want to snuggle him? You can! Contact me at joydexter@pearlriverdiaries.com to find out how. :)