Things to Buy on Your Next Shopping Trip in China

Today Faith and I took our two visitors to the wholesale market at Yi De Lu, where shopping is always an adventure. One day soon, we intend to write a longer post about the street where we buy everything from our foreign food to umbrellas to remote control helicopters to red envelopes. Tonight, I wanted to highlight a few must-haves next time you go souvenir shopping in our fair city.

Please excuse the quality of the photos- I only had my cell phone. :)

As we approached the wholesale building, what should greet us but this lovely exhibit? A trader was selling pelts of all varieties (one of which looked like Scrat on Ice Age…very attractive). Perhaps to convince us of the freshness and authenticity of the furs, the seller had put the head of one of them in the stone lion’s mouth, where it dangled artfully.

Hard as it was, we resisted this enticement, and headed indoors, where other delights awaited us. For the coffee and tea lovers in the group, a variety of mugs beckoned.

Hmmmm, which one of these doesn’t belong?

For that sporting, international set, who dream of the Eiffrl Tower in Paris…

And for that die-hard Starbucks fan, introducing Chachabucks Coffee, by Pullbbang. It’s an entertainment portal!

What to get for the really hard-to-buy for individual in your life, that serious minded one with weighty matters of national importance on his mind? How about this-

An Obama Ecoey Pet? It’s both politically correct and “green,” and will provide endless hours of amusement and delight. Not sure it can be as tasteful as advertised?

Now that is a Head of State if ever I saw one.

For the one who is looking to trim and tone just a bit-

Try the Arm Roller, by Little Devil Ver. Simply place the device over your arm and roll up and down for smoother, leaner, more sculpted limbs.

Lastly, for that elegant lady who wants to make a statement with her accessories, our friend Alyssa modeled this fabulous piece-

Breath-taking. Literally.

So next time you’re in Guangzhou, consider a less traditional route in buying gifts for your loved ones. I’m sure their response to such unusual gifts will warm your hearts, or at least give you all a hearty chuckle. :)

11 thoughts on “Things to Buy on Your Next Shopping Trip in China

  1. I want the chachabucks coffee mug please. that’s just so funny. I’m not a fan of starbucks. I refer to them as “lotsabucks” so the “chachabucks” is just too close, like, look at me I’ve got so much money I can spend six dollars a day on my fancy schmancy chacha coffee!
    I’ll just put my folgers in the chachabucks mug. Keep them guessing. Always guessing.

  2. Alyssa, Hey! You look absolutely “elegant”, and beautiful, I love the smile.
    I am very much “interested” in your “accessories” that you have on in this photo. It’s a very attractive piece, as well as armour. You wear it well. You know I like “odd” attractive jewelry, so bring me one. (If you have room.) LOL I have enjoyed viewing the site of pearlriverdiaries and find the “Life” their very interesting. I love you and “traveling mercies home.
    love you bunches, mawmaw jean.

    • That can be arranged, Laureen. :) Better yet, come for a visit, and I’ll take you on your very own, personally guided shopping tour. Who knows what entertainment portals you will discover? 😉

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