Hash Brown Waffles

Every once in a while, I come across an idea when I’m perusing food blogs that is so brilliant, so revolutionary, I’m amazed I’ve never heard of it before. Recently, while browsing Foodie with Family, I saw her method for cooking hash browns in a waffle iron, and instantly knew I had to try it. How could shredded potatoes browned to crispy perfection not be good?

What follows is a method, more than a recipe. I didn’t take very many pictures because I was hungry (just keeping it real). :)

Start by greasing your waffle iron generously. You could use butter, but we had bacon grease; so like most women raised in the South, I used that.

Peel and shred a medium sized potato and spread it over the waffle iron’s surface. If you live where you can get that kind of thing, feel free to use pre-shredded hash browns. That would certainly save time.

Dust the potatoes with salt and freshly ground black pepper, then pop the lid down and set something heavy on top of it (I used a heavy frying pan).

Before long, the smell of sizzling potatoes will fill the kitchen. Resist peeking. Let the waffle iron do its thing. You’ll notice unwanted moisture dripping down the sides. This is good; it means the end result will be that much more crisp.

The one downside to this method is that it takes a while, especially if you have a wimpy waffle iron like ours. Probably a full ten minutes passed before my potatoes were as brown as I wanted them. Be assured, it was worth the wait.

Mmmmm, a hash brown waffle, topped with an egg over easy, with an iced Americano coffee. Do I need to tell you how yummy this was?

I’m not a fan of mushy potatoes, so the brown crust the waffle iron formed on these was perfect. If you like your potatoes a bit more fluffy, by all means don’t let them cook as long as I did, or don’t weigh the top down.

Ten seconds after this photo was taken, I was enjoying my first bite of this delicious treat. Have you had breakfast yet? :)

Hash Brown Waffles

One medium potato per person, peeled and shredded


One cup pre-shredded hash browns

Salt and pepper

Butter (or bacon grease, or some other oil)


Grease a waffle iron, top and bottom. Evenly spread shredded potatoes over it, salt and pepper to taste. Close waffle iron and weigh top down with something heavy. Cook to desired brownness.

I would imagine the variations on this would be limited only by your imagination. You could add cooked and drained breakfast sausage, herbs, cheese, bacon, or basically anything else that would tasty good cooked crispy with potatoes. Sweet potatoes could be substituted for their paler cousin. It’s delicious topped with an egg over easy, but I’m sure sausage gravy, sour cream and chives or many other things would also be tasty. Enjoy!


Seven Layer Chinese, a.k.a. Hawaiian Haystack

Since our food blog is called “Our Daily Rice,” I thought it only fitting that we post something that actually has rice in it. Depending on who you ask, this dish is called Seven Layer Chinese, or Hawaiian Haystack. Our pastor’s wife in Texas used to make it, and we’ve adopted it as something that almost everyone likes to eat. Each component is in a separate bowl, so people can add or not, as they like. Even the pickiest eaters are pleased.

Much to my chagrin, I realized that if I was going to write for a food blog, I needed to have recipes! While that is no problem with baking, I fear it will tax my usual “throw in some of this and some of that until it looks about right, mix together, then cook until done” method of preparing old standbys. I am also accustomed to cooking for a large family, and confess to not having fully adjusted to our smaller group of only six. What I’m saying here is, if you fix it, I hope you indeed like it, because you might be eating it a while! :)

Assembling Seven Layer Chinese requires great skill. Start with a scoop of rice. Beware, too much rice at the beginning, and the serving will quickly mount to monumental proportions.

Spoon chicken gravy over the bed of rice.

Layer three is key, and I believe it makes the whole dish. Add a dollop of crushed pineapple, including some of the juice.

Then sprinkle on celery…

…green onion…


…and fried wonton strips (you can also use chow mein noodles).

Drizzle soy sauce over the top, and enjoy the savory, sweet, tangy, crunchy, satisfying combination. Make it tonight, and add a new family favorite to your repertoire. Bonus- use the crockpot and avoid heating up your kitchen!

Here’s the recipe-

Seven Layer Chinese

3 cups steamed rice

4 pieces of chicken (I recommend using bone-in thighs for flavor, but boneless thighs or breasts are easier)

2 cans cream of chicken soup

1 can chicken broth

1 large can crushed pineapple (or you can use fresh, and chop it finely)

2 stalks celery

Small bunch green onion

1 cup almonds (I recommend slivered, but chopped or sliced will do)

Fried wonton strips (or you could use chow mein, but fried wontons are so yummy!)

Directions: Place chicken, cream of chicken soup, and chicken stock in crock pot, and cook for 3-4 hours, shredding chicken once it is cooked through and returning to sauce. If necessary, add a bit more chicken broth (or water and chicken bullion) at the end.

Steam rice using any method you like. We use a rice cooker, since the sticky rice it produces is perfect with chopsticks.

Chop pineapple (unless you’re using canned), celery, green onion and almonds. Cut wonton wrappers into thin strips and fry them in hot oil until crispy. Put out bowls of each ingredient, and allow your family to assemble their own. Use chopsticks to make it feel more “authentic.” :)

Serves four.

P.S. Two young ladies who are staying with us, Alyssa and Lacy, specifically requested that I post this recipe and tell their parents to make it a.s.a.p. I think they liked it!